• Maria Buckingham

10 things to do at home that do not involve the TV!

We are in crazy times and it's easy to get stuck in a rut and want to do nothing but Netflix and Chill. I'm choosing to make the best of this time and find ways to improve myself! Here is a fun list of things I have but together to help inspire you.

  1. Learn a New language. Many online courses are offering one week free. I have started learning Italian and I have been enjoying this program.

  2. Start a blog or instagram account! Now is the time to create some content and start building you're brand. Everyone has to start somewhere and you have lots of time on your's during the shut downs.

  3. Have a virtual paint night. Companies like Yaymaker are doing online paint night, cooking classes and much more!

  4. Clean out your closet and set up a Poshmark store to make a little extra money during these times.

  5. Cook a new recipe! You have the time and you might find out you like something new.

  6. Facetime with loved ones and friends that you don't normally get a chance to catch up with.

  7. Color! why not embrace your inner child and do some fun stress beating coloring! One of my favorite creatives Miss Fluff has free downloadable coloring pages and so do many others.

  8. Do a sound bath! I recently learned about this healing mediative may to use music and vibration to calm and heal! Turn down the lights light a candle clear the mind and play this!

  9. Go for a walk! I have gone out almost everyday and I can not tell you how much better feel being in nature! I have even started making a game of it where I try and find things like vanity plates, magnolia tree's and I'm trying to top the day I saw a used condom lying in the street lol

  10. Give the family pet a little extra love! While we are all frustrated that we can not leave the house our pet's are living their best lives being with us all the time! Gibe the furry friend some extra snuggles and play time. You will get just as much out of it as they will!

Hope you all are staying mentally and physically safe!

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