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14 Day Self Love Challenge!

It's been a crazy year and it's time to focus on Loving ourselves more! One of the questions I get asked most often is how are you so confident? I'm lucky to have a family and friends that support me and let me be myself but the truth is I learned a long time ago that self love and self confidence is a daily practice. I'm challenging you all to take the 14 day self love challenge with me! For the next 14 days I want to help you fall in love with yourself!

The 14 Day Self Love Challenge is all about reprogramming your brain to talk positively to yourself!The one thing that still surprises me when talking to other woman or even listening to them in bathrooms or locker rooms . It is that they say thing to themselves that they would NEVER say to a loved one! Unfortunately society has taught us that we have to conform to some ridiculous standard of beauty, education ,success ext. Spoiler alert the bar is always changing so you can never actually obtain the ridiculous standard. These types of things breed insecurities that companies then exploit to sell us a happiness that can only be found within ourselves.

For the next 14 days I want to challenge you to stop talking negative to yourself! There are day's when I wish I was doing better at work, or days I wish my stomach was falter or my eyes straighter. My secret to self love and confidence is that when I have these moments I do not live there! I flip the script! When I'm feeling doubt within myself I make myself think of something I love about myself! That's it that's my secret! I choose to see the positive I try not to compare myself to others.

Are you ready to go on this self love journey with me? Make sure to follow along on Instagram I will be leading the challenge and checking in daily to share more inspiration and self love!

Day 1

Today you are going to look in the mirror and compliment yourself on one physical feature. I also challenge you to leave it at that! Do not look for flaws just that one attribute that you love!

Day 2

Just like day 1 I want you to look in the mirror and compliment yourself but I also want you to compliment one personality trait about yourself! This can be anything from your sense of humor to your big heart,

Day 3

For now on, every day we are going to compliment one physical feature and one personality trait. It's OK if some days you use the same one's. Today we are also going to take 5-10 minutes to enjoy some kind music! Whatever music makes you happy or feel alive. Shut off the phone, Lock the door and dance around in your room, sing loudly, or even just relax in a chair and listen. The point here is to just enjoy the music!

Day 4

Let's start with our 2 compliments and we are going to add in a little extra pop of beauty. Today I want you to pull out your favorite lipstick or perfume and use it just because! The because being that you are fabulous and why should you wait for a special occasion to show it!

Day 5

Start with your physical and personality compliment. Today we are going to take 10 minutes and enjoy nature! I know it's winter and it's cold here on the east coast ( Maybe you are some place warmer). Mother nature is beautiful all year! Take a quick walk around the block, sit on your porch with your coffee, spend 10 minutes looking out the window at the sunset, The point here is to just appreciate nature and spend 10 minutes alone with it.

Day 6

Today I want you to compliment 3 things you love about yourself! So if you have been using the same 2 it's time to pick a third!

Day 7

You guessed it! From here on out we are giving ourselves 3 compliments a day! Today is also self care day. I want you to take 30 minutes just for yourself! No kids, no significant other, no family , no friends ( maybe a cuddly pet). For these 30 minutes you are going to do whatever you want and you will not feel guilty about it! I will be doing a face mask while drinking a glass of wine.

Day 8

Congratulations! You have made to week 2 of the Self Love Challenge! You guessed it, we are starting with complimenting ourselves once again but today I challenge you to compliment 4 things you love about yourself.

Day 9

Start with your 4 compliments and today It's the perfect day to pull out your most favorite outfit, coat,shoes, earrings. Something that you normally save for a special occasion. You are fabulous and beautiful and today is special occasion enough!

Day 10

Another day another 4 compliments. Today I also want you to do something out of your comfort zone. It could be as simple as trying a new recipe, giving a stranger a compliment, wearing a color instead of black. It's up to you how far you want to go but remember " life starts at the edge of your comfort zone".

Day 11

I hope you are falling more in love with yourself everyday and today I want you to give yourself 5 compliments! I also want you to take 15 minutes of uninterrupted alone time to do one of the practices from last week. Listen to music, enjoy nature, meditate. Whatever you want but remember this time is just for you and you will not feel guilty about it!

Day 12

5 compliments. ( remember you don't need to come up with 5 new ones you can keep using the same ones). Today I want you do a social media cleanse. If there are accounts that make you feel bad, anxious, or inadequate, it's time to unfollow them and replace them with accounts that make you feel good,motivated and empowered.

Day 13

Today we starting with 6 compliments about ourselves! You can do it there are so many things to love about you! I also want you to take 30 minutes to show love to yourself in whatever way you want! No feeling guilty!

Day 14

Today I want you to compliment yourself on as many things as possible! Lets shoot for 14 since it was a 14 day challenge. Now go make yourself a cocktail or mocktail and take it all in. Don't stop the journey here! The trick to long term self confidence and self love is daily practices!

Thank you so much for participating! I hope you all are feeling amazing!

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