• Maria Buckingham

2020 Wardrobe Makeover!

It's here ladies and gentlemen a new decade! Every year I go through a purging stage and clean out my closet. This year I wanted to focus on getting some great staple items that I will have in wardrobe for years to come! Let's keep it 100 here folks, I will always live for a trendy statement outfit but I also want to build a real wardrobe. One the Coco Chanel herself would be proud of of. Unlike Coco I have found way's to steer away from the boring all black look and make it my own. A black sweater and pearls will always be a staple in many a wardrobe for for this girl I'm much more likely to use my signature color ( PINK) . I'll be featuring a different staple item every week in January. There way more then 4 but it's a good place to start.

The Pencil Skirt

The Cardigan

The Classic Jean

These items are just a start and there will much more to come in 2020 so stay tuned The first FAshion Friday of 2020 is this Friday!

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