• Maria Buckingham

A brighter smile for the new year!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out my very first teeth whitening kit.

Smile Brilliant was an amazing company to work with. Smile Brilliant is an at home teeth whitening company that I have fallen in love with! As you can see this smile says it all!

The process was personalized and the treatment was quick and only took a few days.

It all starts with them sending you a kit to make a individualized mold of you're teeth. once you send it to the lab, they make your molds and send them back to you.Once I sent my molds it only took about 5 day's to get my molds and start whitening.

The company also asked me a few questions such as are my teeth sensitive? When I responded yes they sent me a desensitizing gel to prep my teeth before whitening. I actually went ahead and tried the whitening gel without it and had no issues at all!

The molds were easy to use. I simply dispensed a small amount at whitening gel in to both the top and bottom molds and placed them on my teeth. I left them on for about 45 minutes and had no discomfort at all.

I saw whiter teeth after just one use. I continued to use them every other night until my gel was gone ( about 6 times). My teeth are sparkly and white! I will be smiling all the way into the new year and beyond.

Here is a great before and after!

Make sure you check out Smile Brilliant for all the details!

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