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I did a Pin Up style photo shoot and it made me feel Incredible!

Yes ladies you read that right! If your anything like me there has always been something in your life that you have been dying to do but have been putting off until the " perfect time" . For me that thing was was doing a pin up photo shoot. I have always had a love for anything girly, vintage and love the cheeky nature of the pin up. For years I had stalked local studios and pintrest images dreaming of the day everything would align and I would do it! I thought oh this would be great to do after a significant weight loss or for that perfect boyfriend I was still waiting to find. I told myself I would do it for a big birthday or even maybe one of those cute pregnancy pin up shoots.

I made every excuse to put off taking the plunge until one day I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a page I had been following for years Atomic Cheesecake Studios. What I saw was a post about a valentines day themed shoot where a giant chocolate box would be used as a prop. I saw it and got so excited that I immediately emailed the owner to see if there were any spots left. She quickly replied back and told me she still had space available. Before I even knew what happened I had sent her a deposit and signed up to do my first pin up photo shoot!

A few minutes later I realized what I had done. I had just signed up to take photos in a giant heart shaped box in lingerie ! ( oh my god what did I just do) . I had no special reason, occasion or man in my life to have these pictures taken for. I started to freak out and think of all the reasons I should not this, thankfully, My inner bad-ass came out and said Do It For You! That is just what I did. I decided who needs validation from a man or society to do something I had always wanted to do! Over the next few weeks I became increasingly excited for my shoot. I got my hair freshly colored and my nails and toe nails painted the perfect pin up red. When ever someone asked me what I was getting ready for I proudly and excitedly told them about my shoot!

I'm a fairly confidante person who has thankfully been able to always find the good in myself rather then focus on the bad from a young age(I have my mother to thank for that). On the morning of the shoot I woke up excited and ready to go! I showered, shaved,and packed my bag of nude colored underwear and the outfits I had picked out. As the owner of Atomic Cheesecake studios says prepare for your shoot like you would prepare for a special date! I got in my car and drove to the studio. As I pulled up I suddenly felt a knot in my stomach and became incredibly nervous! I honestly considered turning around. I was about to give full control of my entire look, step in front of a camera and pretend I was a model! Something I was far from! Since I try to live by the moto life starts at the edge of your comfort zone. I peeled myself out of the car and bravely walked into the studio.

As I entered I was immediately greeted by Stacey who was in the middle of shooting another woman's pics and she said come on in! Since this was a group shoot there were several other woman there having there pics taken too. Woman of all shapes, sizes and I imagine modeling skill levels. Everyone looked beautiful and was having a great time. I was offered a glass of wine which I happily accepted and Stacey went over wardrobe with me. I tried on a few things for her and we agreed on my look. I then went over to the Fabulous Josephine for hair and makeup. This was honestly the part I was most worried about. I have always been extremely picky about my hair and make up and this was the first time someone else had full control of my look!. I took a deep breath and went with it! When I tell you I looked and felt amazing it's an understatement! After hair and makeup I changed into my outfit and was expertly accessorized! Now was the moment of truth! As I stepped onto the beautiful set I got nervous all over again. I even tried to sit on one leg and slipped out of the chair. I'm a klutz so this was no big deal ( however it was extremely embarrassing). Stacey immediately said no worries get back in there, and with that I was somehow put at ease. I started to have so much fun! Stacy was a great coach and made me feel as though I was a natural Ever since that day and hearing her say "Point your toes" about 100 times I now point my toes in all photos and my legs always look amazing because of it!

After the shoot was over I changed back into my boring street clothes and headed home with my proofs. I was so excited to look at them. I felt so great, so powerful and sexy and I could not wait to see if it had translated to the photos. I took me days to narrow down the 5 photos I wanted to have edited and finalized because I loved them all so much!

This experience totally took me out of my comfort zone and boy oh boy did it pay off! the pictures below say it all. I have since been back another time to do a private shoot which was equally as fun and amazing and I just signed to do my next shoot. Ladies the Moral of the story here is don't wait to do something you have always wanted to do! Don't wait for the perfect timing because it will never come! Do it for yourself, do it for your inner goddess and do it for the amazing confidence boost it will give you. And absolutely do a pin up photo shoot!

If your in the Baltimore area and interested in doing a Pin Up shoot definitely check out Atomic Cheesecake Studios

Life starts at the edge of your comfort zone

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