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Plus Size Halloween Costumes 101

Updated: May 28, 2020

Every tip and trick I have come up with over the years, plus my top places to find quality Plus Size Costumes!

There are not many things I like about the weather getting colder but the one thing I LOVE about fall is Halloween! Every year it's a huge decision to pick my " main costume" I say main because I generally end up with at least 2 if not 3-4. As a kid my mother hated Halloween so we always had the most basic costumes. Once I made some money and could afford my own costume it was game over for me!

Over the years I have put together may a costume most of them have been a mix of store bought and pieces that I added. Some years the costumes have been pretty pricey and other years I have gone pretty low key. Here are my top 7 tips for finding the perfect costume.

Tip number 1

Don't be afraid to use things already in your closet.I created this witch look buy throwing a Lane Bryant corset over a velvet dress. I already had both of these items in my closet. I just purchased a $5 hat from my local Dollar General and I was good to go! I could have easily added a broom as well.

Tip 2

Don't be afraid to make it your own. This mermaid costume was sooooooo much fun and mostly homemade! I purchased the skirt from Hips and Curves and the wig from amazon. Everything else I made myself. I again took an old corset and adorned it with shells,pearls and sequins to achieve this look.

Tip 3

Have fun with the makeup! I have done several costumes that center around the makeup. It's super easy to do skeleton or sugar skull look, Throw on an all black outfit and your good to go!

Tip 4

find creative ways to cover up if a costume is ti skimpy for your taste. I found this gem of a costume at Adore Me ( why they don't make costumes anymore I don't know because this is one of my all time favs). It was just this skimpy little tube dress and very reveling. I added a long cape and some boots and it became much more wearable!

Tip 5

Know you're measurements! Every brand is sized differently so always read the size chart. I almost always size up in a costume unless I have bought from them before and know how the brand fits!

Tip 6

Have fun with it! It's Halloween you can be whoever you want!

Tip 7

Know where to shop! This adorable Mad Hatter costume is from . Halloween costumes is offering 20% off to my followers! no code needed ! just use THIS link to shop ! Here are few more of my favorite places to shop for Halloween costumes.

What are you planning on dressing up as this year?

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