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Solo Travel tips for woman

Have you ever dreamed of taking the leap and traveling solo? I'm here to tell you can and Should do it! Travel in general is so important for the soul and for opening your eyes an heart to new experiences. As a woman I know the idea of traveling alone can be a little scary. I recently did a poll on my IG stories. ( I'd love to have as a part of my Instagram family) and the big concerns everyone had when traveling solos as a female were safety and what what to do all day. Keep reading to get answers for both of these questions!

Here is a list a ways to stay safe when traveling alone.

  • Don't tell people you are alone. When out and about there is never a reason to tell someone you are alone. If they ask say your meeting with friends or a boyfriend.

  • Tell family or friend where you are. Whenever I travel alone I give my family or close friend my itinerary and check in with them daily. If I'm going out I send my location.

  • Don't check in on social media. I know you want to show off the beautiful town you are in but hold off until you get back. Take the pics but then actually live in and enjoy the moment and share on social when you are safely at home.

  • Don't do drugs or drink heavily. You always want to be in control so no getting blackout drunk or doing any kind of drugs.

  • Don't bring your valuables or be super flashy. This is not the time pack your most expensive jewelry or flashest clothes. You want to look put together but you don't want to look like you have money.

  • After dark take taxis. During the day I always feel safe wondering around and walking but once it gets a little later I take an Uber or taxi.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Always take a good look around any space that you are in. Know the entrances and exits and look up the areas you are traveling to before you go.

  • Trust your intuition! Woman's intuition is a real thing!! Trust it and be aware of it. If something feels off trust your gut. The more you use this gift the better it works.

  • Don't leave a drink unattended

What if I get bored? What do I do all day?

Let me let you in on a little secret about solo travel.......... The best part is you never get bored because you can do whatever the F you want whenever you want! You want to sleep in and be lazy on the beach all day you can. You wanna get up early for a city tour? You can. You can eat whatever food you want at whatever time you want!

Solo travel can be scary at first but once you do it you will be hooked! My best tip if you are thinking about taking the leap is start small. Take yourself on a date night in your local area. Once you are comfortable with that venture to the next town over and spend a night there. Then go for a weekend . Before you know it you will become more and more comfortable and be comfortable to travel alone wherever you want to go!

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