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Summer skin must haves

It's finally here the unofficial start to summer! If you have been been following me any length of time you know I'm 100% a summer girl! Give me sun, sand, surf and tan tines. I always get lots of questions on my favorite summer skincare must haves so I have rounded up my favorites.

Every girl needs a good hat to keep the sun out of her eyes and the sun damage away from her face! I prefer a baseball cap. This one from Under Armor is great because its thick hair friendly!

We gotta have the sunnies! Sunglasses are probably my most favorite accessories to buy (bags might be tied). I love all kinds from cheap throw aways to designer gems and everything in between. I'm currently obsessing about these frame's from Quay. The brand is a good midrange with great style and their customer service is incredible!

Are you even enjoying summer without a cute bag to carry everything in? Amazon has some great affordable options like this one!

First up in the skin protection lineup is the Sun Defence Minerals from Eminence organic skincare ( you will notice This brand a lot in my feed and blog because it is my absolute favorite skincare line). This unique product is great because its a light weight translucent powder that you brush onto your face. It an actual physical sun block which means its cooling when applied. It is also a great option to use over makeup throught the day without messing up your face!

Now lets get that body of your's protected! The Lilikoi mineral defence cream is water proof and safe for face and body! It also smells like an absolute dream!

Ah! Hawaiian Tropic! Just the smell of it makes me happy! This is my everyday body SPF . I don't know if it's the name the smell or the child memories it brings back but I can't go a summer without it!

This one is a little controversial. The fox tan is a tan accelerator. It contains no SFP and offers no protection from the damaging rays of the sun. It dose give my tan an extra boost and it smells amazing! I use it over top of my sunscreen.

What you use after the sun is just as important as what you use before the sun! This Sun Bum Cool Down spray is my holy grail all summer long! Keep this in the fridge and after your shower take this baby out and spray it all over your body! Its a cooling aloe vera oil with vitamin E and it smells Divine! I go through at least 2 of these a summer.

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum cream is all over the internet for a reason! It Works! It firms and tightens the skin. The smell is amazing, it's hydrating and gives a magical glow to the skin.

Every night of the summer I apply the Eminence Bright skin overnight correcting cream. This wonder cream helps prevent and permanent sun damage while also fading dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Last but certainly not least! Fenty Body Lava. This stuff is the perfect accessory for your skin. It's a body highlighter that will have you glowing for every party and festival of the summer!

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